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A Small Victory

Ben (named changed) is one of my most reluctant 7th grade readers. He’s in the AIS (Academic Intervention) class and unapologetically and proudly claims he does not read. The beauty of the class is that I follow a reading workshop model so the kids get a lot of time with eyes on print. For some,…

Writing is Hard Work

Haiku 1 & 2 It’s only day threeSo soon at a loss for wordsWriting is hard work Staring at the screenWhite on white on white on whiteWhen will muse arrive

Winter Fatigue

(This was written in response to a NYT In Her Words piece entitled “If Winter Feels Extra Hard This Year, You’re Not Alone”) School shouldn’t be this hard. A teacher with 20 plus years of experience shouldn’t feel as though she is at the beginning of her career…scrambling to meet due dates, stressing over ungraded…

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